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CTR Garbage

A variety of container types and sizes are available to meet your needs for both regular- routed service and short-term projects. We provide roll-carts for residential curbside service, dumpsters or roll-carts for commercial service, and one to forty cubic yard dumpsters for special temporary or long-term projects. One-time special pick-ups can be scheduled and we have three public transfer-sites located just off Hwy 101 in Curry County. Talk to one of our friendly representatives to determine what service best fit your needs.

Curry Transfer and Recycling's residential cart options

Front Load Truck



Curbside garbage service is available in nearly all Curry County and City locations. We can match your needs with the right size container ranging from our smallest 32 gallon can to our largest size of 195 gallons. Our most popular sizes are 32 and 64 gallons. Most city and county locations are serviced weekly. Some rural and very rural locations are serviced every-other-week or monthly.

The five most important guidelines for your first service day are:

  • Put your cart out the night before your service day. The safest time to service our routes is while you are sleeping. Our drivers start very early in the morning, so we don’t want to miss you.

  • Place your cart with the wheels to the back of a real or imaginary curb so that your lid opens up facing the road. This will ensure that all your garbage falls into the truck.

  • Space your cart at least 3 to 4 feet from your recycle container or your neighbors cart and 6 feet from any stationary object like a vehicle or mailbox. The arm of the truck needs to grab the container without obstruction from another object.

  • Bagging your garbage cuts down on debris escaping from your cart or getting stuck inside and not completely emptying out. Double bagging helps when you have critter problems.

  • If you have large bulky items or occasional extra garbage that won’t fit in your container, or need to do a one-time clean-up project, contact us and we can let you know what your options and cost are.

  • What happens when your garbage day falls on a holiday? Put your cart out as scheduled. We do not interrupt or delay service.

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Curry Transfer and Recycling's residential cart options

32-Gallon Cart

Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can

64-Gallon Cart

Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can


Our service representatives can help you determine the level of service that best fits your needs. We can set you up with a roll-cart serviced weekly, or a dumpster serviced weekly, every-other-week, or monthly. If your volume is large enough we can discuss drop boxes or compactor options. For a nominal monthly fee, your dumpster can be fitted with an auto-lock mechanism to help you control the trash content.

Service Guidelines

Commerical Dumpsters

Curry Transfer and Recycling's residential cart options

Commercial Compactors

Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can

Commercial Storage Units

Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can


Whether you have a one-day or long-term project, we can meet your needs. We have a range of 1 to 6 cubic yard dumpsters and 10 to 40 cubic yard drop boxes. We charge per cubic yard and the rate depends on the type of material you put in it.

What does a cubic yard look like? A standard 8 foot bed pick-up truck level full is approximately 2 cubic yards.

Drop-Box Truck

Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can


For those occasional times when you have bulky items, call us and we can schedule a one-time pick-up. Trip charge and fees apply.

If you have an extra bag or bags, your collector can pick those up on your route day. He will note the extra bags and we will bill you at the end of the month. If it is one bag and you can easily place it on top of the garbage in the cart with the lid open that saves an extra step for the driver.

Curry Transfer and Recycling's 35-gallon garbage can


All of our Transfer Depots accept all types of recycling items. There is no charge for the following items

Plastic tubs, jugs, and bottles (6 oz. to 5 gallons); newsprint; glass bottles and jars; corrugated cardboard, pressboard, paper egg cartons, and brown paper bags; aluminum and metal cans, office paper.

We also accept these items—*fees apply

  • Electronic waste—no charge for televisions; computers, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, and printers.
  • *Electronic waste—fees apply—copiers, DVD/VCR players, cell phones, stereos and components.
  • Car batteries
  • *Motor oil (no charge at the Carpenterville site)
  • Metal- Item must be all or nearly all metal.
  • *Tires